I make art that creates a dense matrix of pattern and texture designed to envelop the viewer.  My work is made from various materials including textiles, neoprene rubber, acrylic paints, modeling paste, and canvas.  When installed together, the elements work in concert to create spatial awareness. I create gesture drawings, usually based on sketches of fantastical creatures and silhouettes, which I then transform into patterns to be printed canvas or clothing. By approaching the printing technique used on the canvas and clothing in the same way, I am creating a variety of work that can reach people beyond the confines of a studio or gallery. My main artistic objective is to invent a new space for my viewer by obstructing their field of vision with a repeated pattern or abstraction. The artwork takes over his environment: he enters into a space of color, repeated pattern and mark making.  The artwork places the viewer in my headspace, and sometimes, literally, in my artwork too.

I graduated in May 2014 with a BFA in Studio Art from NYU Steinhart (Magna Cum Laude). My Senior Thesis Show “ENTRE-DEUX,” was a group show curated and executed by four peers and myself (